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2016 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section Meeting and Reception Minutes

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section

ACEP16 • Las Vegas, Nevada • Monday, October 17

5:00–7:00 pm • The Mandalay Bay, Islander Ballroom H

Introductions by Chair Dr. Bullard-Berent

  • Thank you to our sponsor, Epic.

Epic Presentation by  Christopher Alban, MD – Vice President, Clinical Informatics

  • 50% of audience use Epic
  • The patient is at the heart of Epic
  • EPIC: A glorious account of a patient’s event
  • Broad set of tools and software
  • Connectivity to EHRs
  • Patients will be the super users of EHRs in the future. Patient access to EHRs is critical.

Dr. Audrey Paul: Explanation of the survey distributed at the meeting

  • working with her Fellow doing a research project on children with autism in the ED
  • Asked audience to complete survey

Dr. Gutierrez (Boston University)

  • International health / global rotations
  • PEM abroad
  • He provided a brief global perspective on global PEM
  • IFEM has PEM specialty interest group: a very vibrant section and community
  • He asked if any of the audience has interest in getting involved with PEM at a global level, let him know.
  • One month ago, the first Latin American PEM society was formed
  • If anyone has interest in working with them, please let him know
  • He will send us an email with the website link.  We’ll distribute it.
  • He has list of PEM fellowships available worldwide

Dr. Jeffrey Bullard-Berent, Chair’s Report

  • He’s enjoyed being the Chair of the Section
  • 30 years ago Jeff thought his job was to focus on educating PEM residents, but found a lot of his education is geared toward a broader group of people that treat kids.
  • Shout out to Lindsay and Dan
  • Review of year
  • Trying to improve relationship with AAP (SOEM and COPEM)
  • CEDR quality initiative collaboration with the section and committee
  • ACEP has done a great job in reaching out to general EM to make sure that PEM is relevant to them
  • We’re in the nascent phase of setting up a PEM speakers bureau
  • PEM Committee invited the Section to be involved with developing quality measures for CEDR
  • Very appreciative and thankful to the Section
  • He urged the PEM leaders to be cognizant of their power in their leadership roles as educators
  • He also cautioned the room to be cognizant of sexism in medicine. Slight comments can mean a great deal, especially in unequal power structures.

Dr. Madeline Joseph, Pediatric Committee Update and Council Summary Relative to Pediatric EM read more