Pediatric Submersion Injuries

Department of Emergency Medicine
Carolinas Medical Center

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Working in the Emergency Department places us in a unique position of allowing our words to have a significant impact with our patients and their families. While this time of year brings submersion injuries to the front of our minds, let us make sure we bring it to the conscious level of our patients as well. A few minutes spent on injury prevention in your ED will hopefully help avoid a preventable tragedy this summer! read more

Point-Counterpoint: Cervical Spine Imaging in Children

Emily MacNeill, MD
Chair-Elect and Co-Editor, Newsletter
Carolinas HealthCare System
Charlotte, NC

Marjorie Lee White, MD, MPPM, MA
Section Secretary and Co-Editor, Newsletter
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
Birmingham, AB

Authors’ note: This article is intended to spark thought and discussion on a controversial topic. It is not intended to change guidelines. Note that the available evidence on this topic, despite great work, is not definitive.

Point: Ordering plain films of the cervical spine
Marjorie Lee White read more