From the Chair

Just a few weeks after the 2016 ACEP Scientific Assembly and I’m still enjoying the academic high I get after the conference each fall.  So many terrific speakers and topics—and I’m very grateful to have access to their slides as I struggle to recall their many pearls of wisdom.   From the high fidelity Code Black simulations to my final session “Wilderness Medical Improvisation: What Would MacGyver do?” I couldn’t get enough.

Equally inspiring was the turnout for our annual section meeting.  We had such a diverse group taking the time to meet after a long day of lectures.  Our section enjoys the continuity of veterans such as Madeline Joseph, Sharon Mace, and Lee Benjamin, as well as newer faces such as Jessica Wall, Kurtis Mayz, and Nadia Pearson.  The Pediatric section is remarkable not only because of its robust numbers (over 900!) but because of its diversity and welcoming atmosphere.  This is a great way to get involved in addressing the challenges we all face in caring for children in emergency medicine. read more

2016 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section Meeting and Reception Minutes

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section

ACEP16 • Las Vegas, Nevada • Monday, October 17

5:00–7:00 pm • The Mandalay Bay, Islander Ballroom H

Introductions by Chair Dr. Bullard-Berent

  • Thank you to our sponsor, Epic.

Epic Presentation by  Christopher Alban, MD – Vice President, Clinical Informatics

  • 50% of audience use Epic
  • The patient is at the heart of Epic
  • EPIC: A glorious account of a patient’s event
  • Broad set of tools and software
  • Connectivity to EHRs
  • Patients will be the super users of EHRs in the future. Patient access to EHRs is critical.

Dr. Audrey Paul: Explanation of the survey distributed at the meeting

  • working with her Fellow doing a research project on children with autism in the ED
  • Asked audience to complete survey

Dr. Gutierrez (Boston University)

  • International health / global rotations
  • PEM abroad
  • He provided a brief global perspective on global PEM
  • IFEM has PEM specialty interest group: a very vibrant section and community
  • He asked if any of the audience has interest in getting involved with PEM at a global level, let him know.
  • One month ago, the first Latin American PEM society was formed
  • If anyone has interest in working with them, please let him know
  • He will send us an email with the website link.  We’ll distribute it.
  • He has list of PEM fellowships available worldwide

Dr. Jeffrey Bullard-Berent, Chair’s Report

  • He’s enjoyed being the Chair of the Section
  • 30 years ago Jeff thought his job was to focus on educating PEM residents, but found a lot of his education is geared toward a broader group of people that treat kids.
  • Shout out to Lindsay and Dan
  • Review of year
  • Trying to improve relationship with AAP (SOEM and COPEM)
  • CEDR quality initiative collaboration with the section and committee
  • ACEP has done a great job in reaching out to general EM to make sure that PEM is relevant to them
  • We’re in the nascent phase of setting up a PEM speakers bureau
  • PEM Committee invited the Section to be involved with developing quality measures for CEDR
  • Very appreciative and thankful to the Section
  • He urged the PEM leaders to be cognizant of their power in their leadership roles as educators
  • He also cautioned the room to be cognizant of sexism in medicine. Slight comments can mean a great deal, especially in unequal power structures.

Dr. Madeline Joseph, Pediatric Committee Update and Council Summary Relative to Pediatric EM read more