Managing Childbirth and Newborn Resuscitation Toolkit for the EMS Provider

Work from the  2020 Section Grant “Managing Childbirth and Newborn Resuscitation Toolkit for the EMS Provider” has been completed. Section members Denise Whitfield, MD, MBA, and Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD, were jointly awarded this grant to complete work products on behalf of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section and Emergency Medical Services- Prehospital Care Section.

A video toolkit was developed consisting of 3 educational programs to serve as a resource for the individual paramedic looking for continuing education, a framework for educators hosting training for EMS personnel, and a just-in-time resource for providers caring for patients in the field.

  1. Normal Childbirth

2. Complicated Childbirth

3. Newborn Resuscitation

ACEP Reference Cards

Complicated Delivery: Breech Delivery and Cord Prolapse

EMS Newborn Resuscitation

Uncomplicated Newborn Delivery

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