Pediatric Readiness Partners Move Forward with Phase II Activities

Author: Kathleen Brown, MD – Children’s National Health System

Representatives from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and the Emergency Nurse Association (ENA) have launched new initiatives to help facilitate pediatric emergency department (ED) readiness. Their efforts will support and strengthen national and state activities of the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program, which are moving full speed ahead based on recent data analysis from the 2013 National Pediatric Readiness (Peds Ready) Project assessment.

Listed below is a short recap of each initiative:


AAP Develops Pediatric Quality Improvement Collaborative; Adds New SIG for National Pediatric Readiness Project

Recognizing the gaps in pediatric quality improvement in many hospitals, AAP will focus its efforts on developing a Pediatric Quality Improvement Collaborative for sharing lessons, translating research into practice, discovering new knowledge, and facilitating rapid quality gap closure. Participants will include hospital clinicians, family advocates, and professional stakeholder representatives. It is anticipated that quality improvement interventions will lead to identification of best practices to improve the care of children, payment reform models, and additional conversations with The Joint Commission.

This initiative will be rolled out to AAP’s Section on Emergency Medicine (SOEM) in October 2015 and during a national quality improvement conference tentatively scheduled for Fall 2016.

In addition, AAP will continue to hold education sessions with numerous stakeholders, including The Joint Commission. The Academy also added a new SOEM Special Interest Group (SIG) for the National Pediatric Readiness Project. This SIG will take the lead in all Peds Ready activities. Furthermore, AAP’s Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine is developing pediatric “prehospital” readiness guidelines and revising the 2009 Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department.


ACEP Calls on State Chapters to Develop Pediatric Emergency Care Networks

ACEP is engaged in assuring a system of pediatric emergency care exists in every community that reflects pediatric readiness and the ability to initially treat and stabilize all pediatric emergencies. The national organization will work with its state chapters who will serve as conduits to encourage every ED to be pediatric ready. In turn, state chapters will work with organizational partners, such as state representatives from AAP, ENA, and EMSC, and many other state and local partners, to establish Pediatric Emergency Care Networks in each state.

The goals of each network are to: (1) increase EDs awareness of the 2009 Guidelines for the Care of Children in the Emergency Department and other resources available through the EMSC and Pediatric Readiness websites; (2) improve access to optimal emergency care for all children; (3) improve the quality of pediatric emergency care and outcomes across the pediatric populations; (4) establish a quality improvement process and outcome measures; and (5) establish a central repository and support network for distribution of evidence-based resources.


ENA to Establish State Champion Teams to Improve Pediatric Readiness in Every State

ENA announced that it will pilot its Pediatric Readiness (Peds Ready) State Champion Team project in five states: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

The State Champion Team concept was first utilized in 2013 during the assessment phase of the National Pediatric Readiness Project after learning that several EMSC State Partnership managers had difficulty communicating with hospitals about the importance of participating in the Peds Ready national assessment. ENA mobilized its state chapter members, many of whom are employed by hospitals within the state, to help open doors and facilitate dialogue between the managers and hospital leadership. ENA is now hoping to replicate this State Champion Team concept more broadly during Peds Ready phase two activities.

Each State Champion Team pilot will be led by an ENA state chapter representative, most likely a member of the state’s Pediatric Committee, and include representatives from the state’s AAP and ACEP chapters, as well as the EMSC State Partnership manager. Additional members may include representatives from rural health and trauma, the state hospital association, and the EMS community, as well as a family representative. The pilot projects have three goals to achieve within the next year: (1) identify the roles and responsibilities of the team, including job descriptions for each team member, (2) write a consensus statement in support of the State Champion Team, and (3) identify measures of success.

Lessons learned from the pilots will be used to expand the teams nationwide.

For more information about these three projects, watch Collaborating for Success: Pediatric Readiness Next Steps, a webinar held in July 2015 on the initiatives planned by the three EMSC partner organizations to facilitate pediatric ED readiness in all hospital emergency departments.


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