2016 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section Meeting and Reception Minutes

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section

ACEP16 • Las Vegas, Nevada • Monday, October 17

5:00–7:00 pm • The Mandalay Bay, Islander Ballroom H

Introductions by Chair Dr. Bullard-Berent

  • Thank you to our sponsor, Epic.

Epic Presentation by  Christopher Alban, MD – Vice President, Clinical Informatics

  • 50% of audience use Epic
  • The patient is at the heart of Epic
  • EPIC: A glorious account of a patient’s event
  • Broad set of tools and software
  • Connectivity to EHRs
  • Patients will be the super users of EHRs in the future. Patient access to EHRs is critical.


Dr. Audrey Paul: Explanation of the survey distributed at the meeting

  • working with her Fellow doing a research project on children with autism in the ED
  • Asked audience to complete survey


Dr. Gutierrez (Boston University)

  • International health / global rotations
  • PEM abroad
  • He provided a brief global perspective on global PEM
  • IFEM has PEM specialty interest group: a very vibrant section and community
  • He asked if any of the audience has interest in getting involved with PEM at a global level, let him know.
  • One month ago, the first Latin American PEM society was formed
  • If anyone has interest in working with them, please let him know
  • He will send us an email with the website link.  We’ll distribute it.
  • He has list of PEM fellowships available worldwide


Dr. Jeffrey Bullard-Berent, Chair’s Report

  • He’s enjoyed being the Chair of the Section
  • 30 years ago Jeff thought his job was to focus on educating PEM residents, but found a lot of his education is geared toward a broader group of people that treat kids.
  • Shout out to Lindsay and Dan
  • Review of year
  • Trying to improve relationship with AAP (SOEM and COPEM)
  • CEDR quality initiative collaboration with the section and committee
  • ACEP has done a great job in reaching out to general EM to make sure that PEM is relevant to them
  • We’re in the nascent phase of setting up a PEM speakers bureau
  • PEM Committee invited the Section to be involved with developing quality measures for CEDR
  • Very appreciative and thankful to the Section
  • He urged the PEM leaders to be cognizant of their power in their leadership roles as educators
  • He also cautioned the room to be cognizant of sexism in medicine. Slight comments can mean a great deal, especially in unequal power structures.


Dr. Madeline Joseph, Pediatric Committee Update and Council Summary Relative to Pediatric EM

Committee Chair and Section Councillor Report

PEM Committee is one of the largest committees within ACEP

She encouraged audience to consider joining the Peds Committee and to attend committee meetings. The meetings are open, but the work is not.

Accomplishments of the Committee (partial list) (great deal of collaboration with many sister organizations)

  • CDC guidelines for Mild TBI
  • National Peds Readiness Project
  • AAP/ACEP/ENA Medication Safety Guidelines
  • Joint work with AAP on Emergency Information Form for children with special needs
  • Collaboration with AAP to update an older AAP policy statement on access to care
  • Work with SAEM and other orgs in developing 2018 SAEM Consensus Conference (a save the date for this conference will come out soon)
  • Collaboration with ACEP PEM Section on developing PEM Speaker database
  • Collaboration with Public Health & Injury Prevention Committee on Policy Statement Corporal punishment of children
  • Collaboration with CEDR and Quality Measures Committee
  • Completion of an information paper on Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics (will update ACEP policy)

Committee is highly involved with many liaisons

  • Joint Commission: CT Imaging
  • NPRP
  • EMS Ctte to TEEX Service Peds Disaster Training
  • High Threat Casualty TF
  • ACR appropriateness criteria spine trauma
  • EMSC IIC Advisory Ctte and Implementation board
  • Child Neurology Foundation (Infantile Spasms) and grant
  • AAP: fluid and electrolyte therapy

Peds EM Committee published five publications in last many months

Famous Committee members

  • Debra Perina won re-election to ACEP Board
  • Kathleen Brown was elected as the Medical Director of the Year by AAWEP
  • Mariane Gausche-Hill won the ACEP and EBSCO/Pemsoft award
  • Mike Gerardi won Council commendation for service to ACEP

Council Report

Council is very important to ACEP; create the agenda for ACEP

Resolution to Revise the Pediatric Surgical Guidelines – passed by the Council

Audrey Paul will represent the Section in 2 years

Thanks to Dan Sullivan, Committee Liaison


Dr. Greenwald, Chair-Elect

  • Introduction of self and new PEM Section leaders
  • Recognize mentors in Sean Fox and Emily MacNeill
  • Results of PEM Section election: remarkable in enthusiasm and energy

Met with new officers:

  • Chair-elect:  Jason Lowe
  • Secretary/treasurer: Taryn Taylor
  • Microsite editosr: Bashar Shihabuddin, Jessie Wall, and Sheryl Yanger

He provided a quick tour of the new PEM website

  • He awarded 2 Outstanding Website Awards from ACEP
  • Emily MacNeill, 2014-2015 Outstanding Web Page Award
  • Jeff Bullard-Berent, 2015-2016 Outstanding Web Page Award
  • Thanks to Jeff Bullard-Berent, Outgoing Chair

(A celebrity roast of sorts)

  • Collaborative efforts with AAP
  • Peds EM Committee
  • Education Committee

Recognition of EMAGE winners

  • Mary Claiborne, Shilpa Dass, Robert M. Lapus, and Samuel J. Prater won first place for their submission “Her Skin is Cracking.”
  • Susan Chigorom Okpara, Robert Barricella, Maria Theresa Alvarez-Ballway, Diane Sin Quee and Luigi Bassani received a second place win for the “Increasing Head Size” submission.
  • Charles Hwang and Carolyn Holland won third place for “Ventriculitis and Pronounced Hydrocephalus from Neisseria meningitidis.”
  • opioid and the opioid epidemic


Section Members Input:

Eric Shopes: We’re inundated with psychiatric parents. 10-20% All the power is in the hands of the psychiatric hospitals. Violence is skyrocketing. Peds section could be a united voice , This has to stop.” People are sitting in the ER not getting psychological care.

Mike Gerardi: There’s a coalition on psych. We need a Peds presence. Please email me.

Marianne Gausche-Hill: The portal for the Peds Readiness is open. Please encourage your hospitals to sign in and benchmark. www.pedsready.org

Bashar: It’s mainly rural in Oklahoma and there’s no peds readiness. There’s no oversight.  People don’t know what to do. We can work with the wilderness section.

Colleen: With the explosion of urgent cares we need to develop guidelines . How to determine what’s major and what’s minor.

Gentleman in bowtie: We need data to make a statement. We currently can’t prove a difference in outcome. We need a methodologically robust study.

Marie: AAP Urgent Care committee is on the same page. We may want to liaison with AAP on Urgent Care

Michael Greenwald: please volunteer your expertise is needed.

Dr. Greenwald thanked the Section.

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