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Just a few weeks after the 2016 ACEP Scientific Assembly and I’m still enjoying the academic high I get after the conference each fall.  So many terrific speakers and topics—and I’m very grateful to have access to their slides as I struggle to recall their many pearls of wisdom.   From the high fidelity Code Black simulations to my final session “Wilderness Medical Improvisation: What Would MacGyver do?” I couldn’t get enough.

Equally inspiring was the turnout for our annual section meeting.  We had such a diverse group taking the time to meet after a long day of lectures.  Our section enjoys the continuity of veterans such as Madeline Joseph, Sharon Mace, and Lee Benjamin, as well as newer faces such as Jessica Wall, Kurtis Mayz, and Nadia Pearson.  The Pediatric section is remarkable not only because of its robust numbers (over 900!) but because of its diversity and welcoming atmosphere.  This is a great way to get involved in addressing the challenges we all face in caring for children in emergency medicine.

We discussed several topical issues such as inadequate mental health services and the looming tide of opioid addiction—and how those concerns may affect the pain management of sick and injured children.  This coming year we hope to address those and other concerns—but we need your help.  We need YOUR expertise and experience.  Please let us know your concerns and ideas for tackling these and other issues.  This section is only as great as its members—so get involved!

Mike Greenwald, MD, FACEP, FAAP

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  1. I am a “new” ACEP member and looking to get more involved in the microsite/section. Can you please let me know how to start getting engaged!

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