Help support the thousands of children affected by Hurricane Harvey

The EMS for Children Innovation & Improvement Center recently reached out to the Texas Pediatric Society Foundation (TPSF) to request that they set up an Emergency Relief/Recovery giving category targeting the special needs of children post disaster. The mission of the TPSF is to enhance the well-being of Texas children by supporting efforts to help improve their health, safety and education and to make a positive impact on their lives and futures.

The funds collected by the TPSF for Emergency Relief/Recovery will be provided in the form of grants to emergency relief and recovery efforts conducted by physicians, community advocates and other child advocacy organizations in Texas during times of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake and other emergency events. To find out more about the TPSF visit their website at To make a donation to the TPSF Emergency Relief/Recovery giving category use the online form.

The Emergency Medical Services for Children Innovation and Improvement Center (EIIC), in collaboration with its national partners and experts across the EMS continuum, recognizes the needs of children post disaster that can be supported through programs that target: mental health for the child experiencing a disaster; exposure to flood waters, industrial site contaminants, molds and their associated illnesses; dealing with health issues for those housed in close proximity in shelters; and others.

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