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Has it been a month since ACEP already?


As the days shorten and we move into the winter holiday season, most of us take some time to reflect upon the year and take stock of where we are and where we will head come January 1st.

For myself, this happens to include the pediatric emergency medicine section.

Mike Greenwald, the outgoing chair, has really gotten me off to a great start with the formation of workgroups/subcommittees.  We will use these groups, Education, Research, Advocacy, and Clinical/Quality to generate new microsite content, produce section grants and leverage as outreach for new members.

Taking a cue from leaders of the past, I wish to have some sort  of legacy.  Creating durable, lasting, projects that go beyond our terms as committee members is my goal.  Examples of past projects include this very microsite, the Emages contest and section grants.

We already have a section grant under the guidance of Marc Auerbach which aims to produce a series of low fidelity pediatric emergency medicine simulations for use as training aids in locales which may not have a more robust simulation setup.  This has ramifications to improve training on a far reaching scale and impact those who need to practice pediatric skills the most.

Because of their potential to impact and involve groups and individuals outside of our local group, I would love for our section to submit and (hopefully) get approval for more grants this coming year.

I would very much like to have our section be more visible in future conferences.  I know that pediatric content is very popular during ACEP and I also know that most of the speakers during these talks are members of our section.  It would be great to leverage this connection to increase awareness of our efforts.

Even more over the top, a project that places us on the exhibit floor next year in Orlando with interactive areas based on pediatric emergency medicine skills would be fantastic and a great way to involve the greater membership.

I am very excited to take on this role and hope to keep rolling with the momentum that Mike has built up.

I’d just like to close with a final thanks to him and the outgoing group and welcome the coming two years!


Jason Lowe DO




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